Apoyan - Netflix

Keita, used to work as a planner for a travel agency, starts a new job at Narita International Airport. During his first days of work he becomes embarrassed by his work environment, although he doesn't give up and tries to solve problems. Morio is part of his staff team, but she is not happy with Keita.

Apoyan - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 55 minutes

Premier: 2013-01-17

Apoyan - Universidad Anáhuac Cancún - Netflix

The Anáhuac Cancún University belongs to the Anahuac University Network, affiliated with the Anahuac University Network (RUA), the international education system of the Legion of Christ, in 18 countries and serving over 100,000 students from kindergarten to graduate school. The university's program is coordinated with those of European universities. It has foreign students, both under curricula or by an abroad program

Apoyan - Name - Netflix

“Anáhuac” means “near the water”. The name passed on to the whole network because of the location of the first university in the network, the '“Anáhuac México Norte University” located in the area of Lomas Anáhuac in Interlomas in Mexico City. Symbolically, the name refers to “the lake region that gave central place at the Aztec capital: Tenochtitlán, Central America's most populous and largest cultural development, where the Mexico City now stands and in it, the university”.

Apoyan - References - Netflix

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