Horror in the East - Netflix

While many histories of World War Two have recounted the grim atrocities performed by Japanese soldiers on civilians and POWs, few have attempted to explain how and why such barbarity could have occurred. What led to the assault on Nanking? How could one in four Allied POWs die in captivity? Meticulously researched, using Japanese and British consultants, Horror in the East examines the political and economic factors, as well as the mindset of those involved. Rarely seen archive footage and interviews with former Japanese soldiers, kamakazis, Allied POWs, and victims of the notorious cruelty reveal the complex truth behind the horror.

Horror in the East - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2001-12-04

Horror in the East - Laurence Rees - Netflix

Laurence Rees (born 1957) is a British historian. He is a documentary filmmaker and author of several books about atrocities committed by the totalitarian states of the Second World War. He is the former Creative Director of History Programmes for the BBC. His documentaries and books are used as teaching aids in British schools.

Horror in the East - Filmography - Netflix

2015 Touched by Auschwitz – 90 minute feature length Documentary for BBC2 – writer/producer/director 2012 The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler – 3 part series for BBC2: writer/producer/director 2008 World War II Behind Closed Doors: Stalin, the Nazis and the West 6 part series for BBC2: writer/producer/documentary director 2005 Hitler's Place in History – executive producer 2005 Auschwitz: The Nazis and 'The Final Solution' – 6 part series for BBC2: writer/producer 2003 Colosseum: Rome's Arena of Death – co-executive producer 2002 The Great Pyramid – executive producer 2002 Christmas Under Fire – executive producer 2002 The Ship (TV series) – executive producer 2001 Horror in the East – 2 part series for BBC2: writer/producer/director 2000 Conquistadors (TV series) – executive producer 1999 War of the Century – 4 part series for BBC2: writer/producer/director 1998 In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great – executive producer 1997 Tales from the Tomb: Lost Sons of the Pharaohs – executive producer 1997 The Nazis: A Warning from History – 6 part series for BBC2: writer/producer/director 1995 Crusades (BBC TV series) – executive producer 1994-1995 Reputations. Founder Editor and Executive Producer 1993-2002, Timewatch Commissioning Editor and Executive Producer. 1992 We Have Ways of Making You Think – (including Goebbels:Master of Propaganda) writer/producer/director 1991 British Betrayal, for BBC2: writer/producer/director 1987 Crisis – drama documentary for BBC1, writer/producer/director 1983 Noël Coward: A Private Life, for BBC1: producer/director

Horror in the East - References - Netflix

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