Moultrie's The Hit List - Netflix

It is a high tech game of cat and mouse using the best technology available, Moultrie game cameras. A group of hunters pursue whitetails all over the mid-west and southeast to try and find that biggest trophy on the farm. Create a hit list, and check them off.

Moultrie's The Hit List - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2011-06-28

Moultrie's The Hit List - Battle of Beaufort - Netflix

The Battle of Beaufort, also known as the Battle of Port Royal Island, was fought on February 3, 1779, near Beaufort, South Carolina, during the American Revolutionary War. The battle took place not long after British forces consolidated control around Savannah, Georgia, which they had captured in December 1778. Brigadier General Augustine Prevost sent 200 British regulars to seize Port Royal Island at the mouth of the Broad River in South Carolina in late January 1779. Major General Benjamin Lincoln, the American commander in the south, sent South Carolina Brigadier General William Moultrie from Purrysburg, South Carolina with a mixed force composed mainly of militia, but with a few Continental Army men, to meet the British advance. The battle was inconclusive, but the British withdrew first and suffered heavier casualties than the Americans.

Moultrie's The Hit List - Footnotes - Netflix

Moultrie's The Hit List - References - Netflix

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